ISO30 ER32 Balanced Collet Tool Holder w/Pull Stud

ISO30 Tool Holder Collet Size: ER32, Capacity is 3 to 20 mm.

Material: Through hardened alloy steel. Precision ground surfaces

Manufacturer: Made in Italy

Recommended Torque: 100 ft/lbs

Balance Grade: G2.5 @ 24,000 rpm

Maintenance: Protect from rust with rust preventative spray. Remove spray before placing into service. Use correct concentration of coolant to prevent corrosion. Always check tool holders for scoring or wear. Replace if worn or damaged.

Compatibility: Can be used with machines using DIN 69871 without drugging cuts.

Note: Made with 50 mm flange. Length is 70.5 mm from end of nut to gauge line.

Dimensions (mm): L: 70.5, L1: 54, D: 50, Refer to picture gallery for dimensions.