Tork SS-3 Series

4x8 CNC Router Machine – Tork SS-3 Series 48

4x8 CNC ATC Router Machine – Tork SS-3 Series 48

 The Tork SS series 48 is our 4x8 CNC router machine. It gives you double the workspace over our smaller 4x4' platform with only a minimal cost to upgrade.  Tork machines come equipped with ATC Spindles, All-In-One PC work station, and Tork Touch - CNC motion control USA software.We sell the SS-48 along with our other routers throughout the Central and Eastern U.S.

The 4x8 CNC router line is one of the most popular machines, and with a powerful spindle, as well as precision gears and rails, you can be sure of their operational efficiency and ease of use. The CNC router table 4x8 is sturdy and will withhold the pressure of even the hardest materials. Our wood CNC machine 4x8 is guaranteed to serve you well for many years to come.

  • Have a custom application or material needing to be processed? Give us a call! We can help design, build, and quote a budget-friendly 3-axis machine that will easily integrate into your existing workflow.
  • Both X/Y axes feature a helical rack & pinion drive system (ball screw Z-axis) that promotes smoother motion and tighter control which in turn gives you better quality and precision cut.  Both the frame and gantry of our 4x8 CNC machine are welded steel construction for maximum rigidity.
  • Find an incredibly versatile, durable, and cost-efficient solution with our 4x8 CNC router machine. Customize yours below! 
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    • Build: Heavy - All Steel Steel Tube Frame and Gantry
    • Platform: 4'x8' (1,300 x 2,600mm) 6-Zone Vacuum T-Slot)
    • Spindle: ATC 12 HP ISO-30 Air Cooled
    • Motors: Digital AC Servos - Quadrature Closed Loop Encoders
    • Gear Reduction: ShimpoTM  Planetary Gearbox - High Precision & Low Backlash - Repeatability: +/- 0.001" 
    • Drive:  Helical Rack & Pinion X/Y axis, Ball Screw Z-axis
    • Control: Tork TouchTM hybrid control system - Made in USA
    • Tools:  Optional 80 Watt CO2 Laser Tool for vector cutting and raster engraving
    • Max Speed: 1,800 IPM Traverse, 1,200 IPM Processing 
    • Dimensions: 119" x W 74" x H 74"
    • Support: LifeTime support! Tork ConnectTM  Remote access 
    • Training:  Optional On-Site Installation and Training (2-Days)
    • Warranty: Limited 2-Years (Spindle 1-Year)

    Tork Touch cnc software interface


    What materials can you safely process?

    • Wood
    • Aluminum
    • Steel
    • Acrylic & Plastics
    • Foam
    • Fiberglass
    • Non-Ferrous Metals (no-iron)
    • Composites

    Our CNC routers can handle a wide range of materials and will serve in a variety of industries and applications, such as:

    • Woodworking
    • Serving
    • Sign Companies
    • Cabinet Makers
    • Auto Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Aviation Industry
    • Advertising
    • Musical Instruments
    • Mold Making
    • Plastics and Foam Cutting
    • Artwork
    • Aluminum and Brass Machining
    • And More!

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    WARRANTY POLICY see details on Warranty page

    "Using Tork's ss-48 machine our company was able to custom design and create our new 1/4" polycarbonate and acrylic golf cart windshields. As a result we have saved 104% on cost! Thanks for all the help and support guys!
    Oksana Wilson
    Custom Golf Carts Florida

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    Base Price$37,997.00
    Item Subtotal

    Have Questions? Call a CNC Advisor Directly:407.688.3071

    Shopping Cart Summary
    Base Price$37,997
    Item Subtotal

    Have Questions? Call a CNC Advisor Directly:407.688.3071

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