Tork SS-3 Series

6x12 CNC Router

TORK SS-3 Series 612 – Large CNC Router With ATC

The Tork SS-3 series 612 is a large CNC router offering a generous 6x12' working table best suited for industrial environments, substantial metal and woodworking needs, and other full-scale products.  Tork machines are all equipped with ATC Spindles, an All-In-One PC work station, and Tork Touch - CNC motion control USA software. 

Whether you’re processing fiberglass, wood, metal, brass, or a different material, our large CNC router machine will craft your design with ease. 

  • If you have a custom application or material that needs processing, we can help design, build, and quote a budget-friendly 3-axis machine that will easily integrate into your existing workflow.
  • Both X/Y axes feature a helical rack & pinion drive system (ball screw Z-axis) that promotes smoother motion and tighter control which in turn gives you better quality and precision cut.  Both the frame and gantry are solid, welded steel construction for maximum rigidity.
  • All Tork CNC products are sold throughout the southeasternmost U.S. states including Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Build your custom large format CNC router today!
    • Build: Heavy - All Steel Steel Tube Frame and Gantry
    • Platform: 6'x12' (1,800 x 3,600mm) 8-Zone Vacuum T-Slot)
    • Spindle: ATC 4 HP ISO-30 Air Cooled - Made in USA (up to 12HP options)
    • Motors: Digital AC Servos - Quadrature Closed Loop Encoders
    • Gear Reduction: ShimpoTM  Planetary Gearbox - High Precision & Low Backlash - Repeatability: +/- 0.001" 
    • Drive:  Helical Rack & Pinion X/Y axis, Ball Screw Z-axis
    • Control: Tork TouchTM hybrid control system - Made in USA
    • Max Speed: 1,800 IPM Traverse, 1,200 IPM Processing 
    • Tools:  Optional 60 Watt CO2 Laser Tool for vector cutting and raster engraving
    • Support: LifeTime support! Tork ConnectTM  Remote access 
    • Training:  Optional On-Site Installation and Training (2-Days)
    • Warranty: Limited 2-Years (Spindle 1-Year)

    Tork Touch CNC control software interface


    What materials can you safely process?

    • Wood
    • Aluminum
    • Steel
    • Acrylic & Plastics
    • Foam
    • Fiberglass
    • Non-Ferrous Metals (no-iron)
    • Composites

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    WARRANTY POLICY see details on Warranty page.

    "Big thanks to Marcos at Tork! Our new CNC with the Braille tool has been productive and making money. I am pleasantly surprised how it performs next to our Multicam. We may look to add another to our machine shop.

    Jim Ogilvy
    Letra-Tek Longwood

    Product Configuration

    Includes: made in USA Tork 4HP Spindle
    Shopping Cart Summary
    Base Price$38,997.00
    Item Subtotal

    Have Questions? Call a CNC Advisor Directly:407.688.3071

    Shopping Cart Summary
    Base Price$38,997
    Item Subtotal

    Have Questions? Call a CNC Advisor Directly:407.688.3071

    Product Video

    Tork CNC motion vid

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